• What is you photographical style?

I would say that my style is just super friendly ! There are no stereotypes for me. Other photographers have a clear view of how your photographs should be. Personally, I am not going to make you play fake roles. My goal is to capture your personality in my photos. Your feelings. Your story.
In other words, you can freely enjoy your precious moments without any worries, while I will follow your vision, always trying to be much better than you had expected.  I will interfere sometimes, only for the better results.
Together we create your future memories, not myself.
And that's exactly what thrills me!


  • Would you offer services beyond your base ? How can we communicate with you?

Certainly! I am available to travel where there are people who will trust me to transform their moments and feelings into beautiful pictures.
You can use the communication form, adding the date and the place your event will be held. Then, we can easily arrange a meeting through Skype if distance doesn't allow us a meeting.

  • Do you shoot only weddings?

The majority of my work involves wedding photo shooting. Besides, it's where the cake is!
Then, there are the portraits and christenings. You can see some of my work as well as certain personal projects in my blog.


  • Do you provide albums?

Of course I provide you with albums. It is the best offer you can do to yourself after a photoshoot. I cooperate with professionals graphic designers and manufacturers, to give you the best album in quality and design!
After all, the natural ending of a photo is the paper...


  • Do you offer packet services? What about video coverage?

Every couple has its own aspirations and requires. Together we discuss and adjust the services I can offer you, according to your needs.
Concerning the video coverage; this is a completely different art from photography and for that reason, I have decided to stay out of this commercial tactic of "All inclusive" packets.
I can highly recommend you to some remarkable videographers that I personally appreciate as artists, so as to discuss with them!


  • How many photographs will we receive?

As far as that question, I always reply that what counts is quality and not quantity. I am fan of images that catch the eye and impress the mind! The number of photographs taken, depend on many things such as the number of the guests, the hours of coverage and the type of the event.

  • What is the minimum charge? How can we book you for our event?

Prices may alter according to the type and the duration of the photoshoot. Contact me with some information about you and I'll sent you my  special quotation.

In case of a trip for your event, I will need full transport and accommodation cover.

To book the date, a deposit and a signed agreement are required.
  • How much time does it take to have our photos delivered?

The delivery time changes according to the time of year. Generally though, it's four to six weeks. Your photos will be uploaded on my  site, at "Client Area" section, fully secured with a personal password just for you. 
All photos are edited and enhanced for the best results!